Overview stock

The following table lists all the grilles products that have Dortmans International in stock. If your product is not listed ? Contact us or place a request. 

0700010Supett voet nuwGerwe
0700020Supett kruis nuwGerwe
0700030Kunststof steun tbv GFK TBeynum
0700040Kunststof steun tbv GFK DELTABeynum
0700050Kunststof steun tbv stalen strip ( roosters )Leenders
0700060Kuststof roosters blauw 600x 500 mm nuwBeynum
0700070Kunststof roosters dicht blauw 600x 500 mm nuwBeynum
0700080Drager glasfibber Delta 100 x 2400mm
0700090Drager glasfibber Delta 100 x 2470mm
0700100Drager glasfibber Delta 120 x 7400mm
0700110Kunststof roosters IC kraamstal 20 x 30cm
0700120Kunststof rooster big 60 x 60 Geel
0700130Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 IKADAN donker grijsIKADAN
0700140Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 Premium groenPremium
0700150Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 blauw
0700160Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 IKADAN orangeIKADAN
0700170Kunststof rooster big 80 x 45 Blauw
0700180Kunststof rooster big 80 x 40 MIKMIK
0700190Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 IKADAN groenIKADAN
0700200Kunststof rooster big 40 x 40 Zwart ( sterk )
0700210Kunststof rooster big 60 x 60 blauw
0700220Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 LeendersLeenders
0700230Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 Leenders DICHTLeenders
0700240Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 MIK ( slap )MIK
0700250Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 zwart
0700260Kunststof rooster big 60 x 30 zwart
0700270Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 Paneltim RoodPaneltim
0700280Kunststof rooster big 45 x 50 AgmatAgmat
0700290Kunststof rooster big 60 x 50 Wit
0700300Kunststof rooster big 20 x 40 IKADAN groenIKADAN
0700301Kunststof rooster big 20 x 40 IKADAN zwartIKADAN
0700302Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 MIK Swing kraamIKADAN
0700303Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 MIK Rubin big 4IKADAN
0700304Kunststof rooster big 60 x 40 MIK Rubin big 3IKADAN
0700305Kunststof rooster big 30 x 75 vOsch zwart witte pinIKADAN
0700306Kunststof rooster big 20 x 30 IC groenIKADAN
0700307Kunststof rooster big 45 x 80 groenIKADAN
0700308Kunststof rooster big 30 x 60 MIKIKADAN
0700310Rooster anker
0700320Strip tbv kunststof rooster 113 x 5cm
0700321Strip tbv kunststof rooster 120 x 5cm
0700322Strip tbv kunststof rooster 160 x 6cm
0700323Strip tbv kunststof rooster 205 x 6cm
0700324Strip tbv kunststof rooster 168 x 8cm
0700325Strip tbv kunststof rooster 173 x 8cm
0700326Strip tbv kunststof rooster 198 x 8cm
0700327Strip tbv kunststof rooster
0700420Strip houder ( muur ) geel kunststofBeynum
0700430Rooster 3 kant 10/10 220 x 75cm
0700440Rooster 3 kant 10/10 220 x 50cm


Dortmans International has a wide range of used grids. Below you will find a selection of common types of flooring from our stock. If the desired one is not mentioned, you can send us your request.

The main categories of used flooring  are:

  • Plastic grids (open and close)
  • Triangular grid
  • Kampstaal grates
  • Grates with heated floor
  • Farrowing pens grids

Plastic grids (open and close)

Plastic grids are available in various sizes and profiles. These grids are easy to cut to the right size. The grids are supported by underlying steel rows. We have different brands in stock. For more information you can send us a request.

Triangular grid

Triangular grid are steel gratings, having his name due to the triangular shape of the bars. These grids are available in various sizes and profiles. Grids of greater lengths have steel reinforcements (bridges) mounted on the underside. The grills are worn by the side walls of the pit.


Kampstaal grids are steel gratings with a round shaped bar.

Grids whit heating

Grids with floor heating are generally steel gratings with a coating. On the underside are hollow tubes integrated that can be connected to the hot water network. In this we the temperature of the flooring is adjustable.

Farrowing pen flooring

Grids for farrowing pens are often coated steel grates in with a closed section, which underfloor heating. The closed section is intended for piglets, so that they have the possibility to lie in a warm area. The part where the sow will be located is a loose grid what is not equipped with a coating, the sow must be able to lose its heat, and in this way she can transmit her heat to the floor.

A distinction is made between farrowing grids. One is: where the two sides for the piglets are connected (large grids), and the other one, where the two sides are separated (small grids). If you have a farrowing pen with a moving floor, than a large grid gives the possibility, that piglets can move from side to side even if the sow is standing. Whit the small grid this is not possible. For more info on farrowing pens see farrowing-pens. Commonly used brands of this type of grids are Nooien, Leenders and Panel Tim.