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Find a pig feeder for your feeding pen at Dortmans International BV. We specialize in offering high quality, refurbished pig farming equipment. Find all the material you need for your pig feeding pen in our extensive catalogue, from a feed tank to a feeding manger. Pig farming in The Netherlands is constantly developing and evolving, which means that new equipment is continuously entering the market. We disassemble and provide maintenance to older equipment to give these materials a second life against a fair price.

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Find a pig feeder in our extensive catalogue

Find a feeder for your pig farm in our large catalogue of second hand animal feeders. We sell a wide range of used farm equipment that can be used on many different animal farms, though our specialty lies in disassembling and restoring pig farm materials. The farm equipment that we sell is not the newest equipment on the market, but it still functions exactly as it should, and at a lower price point than the newest materials. You can find everything you need to outfit your pig feeding pen in our extensive catalogue, from a manger to a feed tank.


We have everything you need to build a pig feeding pen

Are you interested in a variety of equipment, such as a pig feed tank? The we are the company for you. Aside from a feeder, we offer many other kinds of high quality equipment for your pig pen, such as a feeding manger or a feed tank. Add one of our various drinking troughs to your pig pen to ensure your pigs have adequate access to water. We also carry many different feeding mangers so you can find a manger that meets the needs of every pig. Combine your pig feeder with a feed tank and a feeding manger to conveniently store your feed and ensure your pigs always have access to food. Are you looking for other housing options for your pigs? We also offer a range of high quality pig boxes. Additionally, provide a healthy environment for your pigs by using one of our pig house fans. Apart from a feed tank, you can also find different silos for your pig farm in our catalogue.

Outfit your pig feeding pen with our high quality refurbished equipment

Request your invoice for your pig feeder, feed tank or feeding manger today and receive a quotation within 24 hours. We ship our refurbished farm equipment worldwide from The Netherlands upon request. Do you have any questions about our catalogue or our services? Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at info@dortmansinternational.com, or call us at +31 413 212 734. We will gladly answer any questions you have.

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