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At Dortmans International BV in The Netherlands, we sell a wide range of high quality second hand silos. Our company specializes in the restoration and sale of pig farming materials, though our second hand silos can be used on many different farms.

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We professionally disassemble and perform maintenance on farming materials at out used farm equipment company to ensure that you can buy high quality materials for a reasonable price. Use our second hand silos in combination with our refurbished feeding installations to ensure that you can easily feed your animals. We also sell a wide range of feeding mangers, so we always offer a feeding solution that fits your farm and animals. Are you looking for specialized feeders for pigs? Our catalogue contains a wide variety of pig feeders.


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Find a silo that fits your needs and request a quotation for your order. You will receive your quotation within 24 hours. Do you have questions about our second hand silos or other equipment in our catalogue? Contact us via e-mail at or call us via +31 413 212 734. We will gladly answer your questions.

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