Farrowing pens

Dortmans International has a wide range of used farrowing pens. Below you will find a selection of the available farrowing pens. If the desired farrowing pens is not mentioned you can put your request on the request page.

The largest categories in farrowing pens are:

– With of without Movable Floor
– Full Floor or multiple parts
– Right positioned or diagonal
– Head to the central path or to the wall.


Within the used farrowing pens are many different gates available. There are those with and without movable crossbars that withstand the sow of moving down too quickly. Also there is much difference between the front (where the trough is mounted) and the way the sow must enter the loft.

Floors combined with used farrowing pens

Our range consists of used farrowing pens with a movable floor and with a solid floor. In relation to the movable floor, when the sow goes stand the floor will rise, so the piglets do not have the possibility to walk below the sow anymore. The Trampling of  the sow will be made as small as possible in this way.

The floors are available in different brands and sizes. There can be chosen from floors consisting of one part or floors which consists of three separate parts. The floors which are made from one peach are often used in combination with the movable floor. With this type of floor, it is for the piglets still possible to pass behind the sow, and thus have access to both sides of the farrowing pen. For more information on flooring, See the Roosters.


The positioning of the cage can be done in different ways. We have farrowing pens in which the sow’s head  is positioned to the wall or to the main corridor. And there are pens available where the sow stands diagonal in de pen.

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Skewed arrangement

Movable floor for the sow

Movable floor for the piglets

Feeders and front

Used within the farrowing pens, choice of different fronts ( food and drinking place for the sow ) . So can be chosen for fronts with different sizes and different material from the food bowl (stainless steel , plastic , galvanized, zinc , silicon) .

Side panels used farrowing

The side panels can be separately elected by the farrowing pens used , from this value can be chosen from trespassing or plastic. An additional option is to choose here for walls with bars or reinforcements. For more information on range, you can post a question. We are happy to help .