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High-quality used farm equipment

At Dortmans International BV we specialize in selling used farm equipment. We mostly sell products for pig farming. Our business opened its doors in 2001, and so we have years of experience and wide knowledge of the current range of possibilities and equipment on the market.

We sell a wide variety of used farm equipment

Due to rapid developments in the field of pig farming in The Netherlands, there is a constant supply of new and modern material. We professionally disassemble used farm equipment and provide the necessary maintenance to give new life to older pig farm materials. A wide range of products can be viewed on our website, and you are also welcomed to view our products at one of our locations during opening hours. You can find everything you need for your farm in our catalogue. We offer a wide range of second hand animal pens. Additionally, we offer a variety of farm boxes. As we specialize in used farm equipment for pig farming, we also carry a wide range of pig boxes. Feed your animals with one of our second hand animal feeders. For even more convenience, buy one of our feeding installations. Conveniently store your animal feed in our professionally refurbished silos.

Buy our high quality refurbished equipment for your farm

View our catalogue of used farm equipment and request your quote. The dismantling and maintenance of these products is done internationally by Dortmans, and transport to the customer is possible on request. We offer our equipment for a fair price in The Netherlands and abroad.